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Compound type: non-polymer
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CAS Registry Number: 7440-57-5
The following list shows the 28 PDB entries that contain one or more instances of ligand _AU. Where the structure contains more than one instance, the count is shown in brackets after the protein name.
1a52* Estrogen receptor alpha ligand- binding domain complexed to estradiol (x6)
1a79* Crystal structure of the tRNA splicing endonuclease from methanococcus jannaschii (x4)
1a8d* Tetanus toxin c fragment (x2)
1e3b* Cyclophilin 3 from c.Elegans complexed with aup(et)3
1e3u* Mad structure of oxa10 class d beta- lactamase (x8)
1g58* Crystal structure of 3,4- dihydroxy- 2- butanone 4- phosphate synthase gold derivative (x2)
1h9t* Fadr, fatty acid responsive transcription factor from e. Coli in complex with fadb operator (x2)
1hug* Differences in anionic inhibition of human carbonic anhydrase i revealed from the structures of iodide and gold cyanide inhibitor complexes (x4)
1io4* Crystal structure of runx- 1/aml1/cbfalpha runt domain- cbfbeta core domain heterodimer and c/ebpbeta bzip homodimer bound to a DNA fragment from the csf- 1r promoter (x3)
1lj2* Recognition of eif4g by rotavirus nsp3 reveals a basis for mRNA circularization (x3)
1n8n* Crystal structure of the au3+ complex of apha class b acid phosphatase/phosphotransferase from e. Coli at 1.69 a resolution
1q07* Crystal structure of the au(i) form of e. Coli cuer, a copper efflux regulator (x2)
1rif* Crystal structure of the uvsw helicase from bacteriophage t4 (x4)
1rm7* Crystal structure of apha class b acid phosphatase/phosphotransferase ternary complex with adenosine and phosphate at 2 a resolution (x3)
1she* Conserved hypothetical protein from pyrococcus furiosus pfu- 871755- 001
1u9l* Structural basis for a nusa- protein n interaction
1un1* Xyloglucan endotransglycosylase native structure.
1ut7* Structure of the conserved domain of anac, a member of the nac family of transcription factors (x3)
1w1d* Crystal structure of the pdk1 pleckstrin homology (ph) domain bound to inositol (1,3,4,5)- tetrakisphosphate
1yd9* 1.6a crystal structure of the non- histone domain of the histone variant macroh2a1.1. (x4)
1yvl* Structure of unphosphorylated stat1 (x2)
2aaq* Crystal structure analysis of the human glutahione reductase, complexed with gopi (x2)
2ato* Crystal structure of human cathepsin k in complex with myocrisin
2b8j* Crystal structure of apha class b acid phosphatase/phosphotransferase ternary complex with adenosine and phosphate at 2 a resolution (x2)
2ia0* Transcriptional regulatory protein pf0864 from pyrococcus furiosus a member of the asnc family (pf0864) (x2)
2oar* Mechanosensitive channel of large conductance (mscl) (x3)
2oij* HIV- 1 subtype b dis RNA extended duplex aucl3 soaked (x2)
2pk8* Crystal structure of an uncharacterized protein pf0899 from pyrococcus furiosus