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Structure Title:  Monoclinic crystal form of aspergillus niger alpha-amylase in complex with maltose at 1.8 a resolution
Structure Header:  Hydrolase
Associated ECs: [S]

Code   Molecule
1.   A   Alpha-amylase a,  current chain [S]

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Domain Family Family Name Ligand
bound by
> 1 domain
PDB Ligand (code residue chain, name) Cognate Ligand Similarity
1. Alpha-amylase [S] Alpha amylase, catalytic domain N NAG 500 A, N-acetyl-d-glucosamine  [C][S]
N CA 801 -, Calcium ion  [C][S]
N GLC 999 D, Alpha-d-glucose  [C][S]
N GLC 1000 D, Alpha-d-glucose  [C][S]
N GLC 1001 C, Alpha-d-glucose  [C][S]
N GLC 1002 C, Alpha-d-glucose  [C][S]
N GLC 1003 E, Alpha-d-glucose  [C][S]
N GLC 1004 E, Alpha-d-glucose  [C][S]
2. DUF1966 [S] Domain of unknown function (DUF1966)

This page was generated for a monomeric assembly, available quaternary structure assemblies are:
1. Monomeric, current assembly
2. Monomeric