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Structure Title:  Structure of penta mutant human erk2 map kinase complexed with a specific inhibitor of human p38 map kinase
Structure Header:  Transferase
Associated ECs: [S]

Code   Molecule
1.   A   Erk2,  current chain [S]

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Domain Family Family Name Ligand
bound by
> 1 domain
PDB Ligand (code residue chain, name) Cognate Ligand Similarity
1. Pkinase [S] Protein kinase domain N SB2 1001 -, 4-[5-(4-fluoro-phenyl)-2-(4-methanesulfinyl-phenyl)-3h-imidazol-4-yl]-pyridine  [C][S]
N SO4 3001 -, Sulfate ion  [C][S]

This page was generated for a monomeric assembly, no other alternative quaternary structural assemblies exist.