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Structure Title:  Structure of cytochrome c oxidase from rhodobacter sphaeroides (eq(i-286) mutant))
Structure Header:  Oxidoreductase
Associated ECs: [S]

Code   Molecule
1.   G   Cytochrome c oxidase,  current chain [S]
2. H   Cytochrome c oxidase
3. I   Cytochrome c oxidase
4. J   Cytochrome c oxidase

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Domain Family Family Name Ligand
bound by
> 1 domain
PDB Ligand (code residue chain, name) Cognate Ligand Similarity
1. COX1 [S] Cytochrome C and Quinol oxidase polypeptide I N HEA 1001 G, Heme-a  [C][S]
N HEA 1002 G, Heme-a  [C][S]
N CU 1005 G, Copper (ii) ion  [C][S] Copper  [R][S][L] 1
N CA 1007 G, Calcium ion  [C][S]
Y MG 3006 -, Magnesium ion  [C][S]
Y PEH 3009 -, Di-stearoyl-3-sn-phosphatidylethanolamine  [C][S]
Y PEH 3010 -, Di-stearoyl-3-sn-phosphatidylethanolamine  [C][S]
Y PEH 3011 -, Di-stearoyl-3-sn-phosphatidylethanolamine  [C][S]
Y PEH 3012 -, Di-stearoyl-3-sn-phosphatidylethanolamine  [C][S]

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