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Figure 6.
Fig. 6. Superpositionoftheatomiccoordinatesofbrinzolamide(Azoptm; AL4862, Kd = 0.13 nM) anddorzolamide(Trusoptm, Ki 0.37 nM, Greer et l., 994; Smithet al., 1994). thetwonewest CAII inhibitorsappoved for the treatmentofglaucoma.Brinzolamideisred;dorzolaide is green. Forclarity,onlytheproteinatomsoCAII in the CAII-L4862 (brizola- mide)complex are shown(yellow).Notethatthesix-memberedthiazene ring of rizolamideadopts a half-chair,conformation,whereasthesix- membeedthienoringofdorzolamideadopts a half-chair2conformation.

The above figure is reprinted from an Open Access publication published by the Protein Society: Protein Sci (1998, 7, 2483-2489) copyright 1998.