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Figure 4.
The structures of kinase domains of (A) wt-FGFR1 (PDB ID: 3KY2), (B) FGFR1-RE mutant (PDB ID: 3KXX), and (C) activated FGFR1 (FGFR1-3P) (PDB ID: 3GQI) in a simplified cartoon (Upper) and in a ribbon diagram (Below). The catalytic loop is shown in yellow, and the activation loop in green, helix αC is depicted as a cylinder in the cartoon. Phosphotyrosines are colored in red in the cartoon and in stick representation in the ribbon diagram. (D) Ribbon diagrams of kinase insert loops of FGFR1, FGFR1-RE, and FGFR1-3P are in green, cyan, and blue, respectively. Side chains of R576, R577 and R577E are shown in stick representation. (E) Superposition of kinase insert regions of FGFR1 (Green), FGFR1-RE (Cyan), and FGFR1-3P (Blue) revealing multiple conformations of the kinase insert regions in the three structures.