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Figure 1.
The overall structure of asymmetric activated FGFR1 kinase dimer and detailed views of inter receptor contacts. (A) Asymmetric dimer of active phosphorylated FGFR1 is shown in ribbon diagram. Molecules E and S of the asymmetric dimer are colored in cyan and green, respectively. (B) A detailed view of the interface formed between kinases in the asymmetric dimer. ATP analog (AMP-PCP) and interacting residues are shown in stick representation and the magnesium ion is shown as a blue sphere. Residues from molecule S are labeled with primes. The color scheme applied in this figure is used for all figures. Secondary structures are labeled in blue. (C) Surface representation of molecule E is depicted in cyan with interacting residues of the molecule S in stick and ribbon representation. Representative residues from molecule S are labeled. (D) Surface representation of molecule S is shown in green with interacting residues of molecule E (Pale Cyan) in stick and ribbon representation (