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Figure 3.
Comparison of TFIIB and bacterial [sigma] factor structures. (A) Superposition of TFIIB (red) and [sigma] factor (green) structures. Conserved residues H455 and E458 of [sigma] factors that bind to the -10 element and mark the start of transcription bubble formation are highlighted as blue spheres. Corresponding domains from TFIIB and [sigma] factor are labeled. (B) Same as (A) rotated 45[deg] around the X-axis. The B-finger (TFIIB[F]) from the previous cocrystal structure is shown as a dashed black line. Science. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2010 January 28. Published in final edited form as: Science. 2010 January 8; 327(5962): 206. Published online 2009 November 12. doi: 10.1126/science.1182015. Copyright notice and Disclaimer

The above figure is reprinted from an Open Access publication published by the AAAs: Science (2010, 327, 206-209) copyright 2010.