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Figure 5.
Class I CAP-RNAP-promoter complex EM reconstruction and fitted model: E. coli species-specific RNAP domains. (A) β′ trigger-loop nonconserved domain (β′GNCD) with β′GNCD SBHMa domain in orange; β′GNCD SBMHb domain in yellow; β′ trigger loop in green; β′ jaw in blue (stereo pair). (B) βDR1. (C) βDR2. (D) β residues 1126–1179 (as well as β N-terminal residues 1–9). (E) σ^70NCR with σ^70NCR insert in green and 20-residue negatively charged loop that is disordered in the crystal structure of the σ^70 fragment (32) indicated as a black dashed line. In each panel, insertion starting and ending points are indicated by black spheres, the EM map is contoured at 2.6σ, and other ribbon colors are as in Fig. 2. Stereo pairs for B–E are shown in Figs. S6 and S7.