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Figure 1.
Fig. 1. Structural overview. (A) Cartoon representation of mFAS, colored by domains as indicated. Linkers and linker domains are depicted in gray. Bound NADP^+ cofactors and the attachment sites for the disordered C-terminal ACP/TE domains are shown as blue and black spheres, respectively. The position of the pseudo-twofold dimer axis is depicted by an arrow; domains of the second chain are indicated by an appended prime. The lower panel (front view) shows a corresponding schematic diagram. (B) Top (upper panel) and bottom (lower panel) views, demonstrating the "S" shape of the modifying (upper) and condensing (lower) parts of mFAS. The pseudo-twofold axis is indicated by an ellipsoid. (C) Linear sequence organization of mFAS, at approximate sequence scale.

The above figure is reprinted by permission from the AAAs: Science (2008, 321, 1315-1322) copyright 2008.