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Figure 2.
Fig. 2. SAM-binding site. SAM is shown in stereo with a transparent van der Waals surface and a ball-and-stick representation colored by atom type (C, gray; N, blue; O, red; S, yellow). The side chains of residues that interact with SAM are shown in stick representations with C atoms colored in cyan for 108V COMT, in magenta for 108M COMT, and in salmon for rat COMT (1VID^8) and other atoms colored by atom type as above. The residues that interact with SAM include three nonconserved residues, I89, I91, and C95, of human COMT that replace M89, M91, and Y95 of rat COMT. S119 was omitted for clarity.

The above figure is reprinted by permission from Elsevier: J Mol Biol (2008, 380, 120-130) copyright 2008.