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Figure 2.
Figure 2. The NBD_Linker:Auxilin J Domain Complex
(A) NBD_Linker:auxilin J Domain complex with J domain (cyan) in ribbon representation and NBD_Linker rendered as a transparent surface (green; with aa 383–390 in magenta) with the path of the polypeptide chain shown as a coil and the bound nucleotide in stick representation.
(B) Model from (A) rotated as indicated. In yellow on the J domain are regions corresponding to those mapped by NMR (in the polyoma virus T antigen) to be involved in interaction with Hsc70 (Garimella et al., 2006).
(C) The region indicated by the box in (B) expanded to identify residues important for the J domain:Hsc70 interaction. These are labeled with white lettering on the surface of the Hsc70, which is colored green, red, and blue for carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms, respectively, and with black lettering on the J domain with stick representations of the side chains of relevant J domain residues colored cyan, red, and blue for carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms, respectively.

The above figure is reprinted from an Open Access publication published by Cell Press: Mol Cell (2007, 28, 422-433) copyright 2007.