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Figure 4.
Figure 4. Structure of the β Subunit
(A) Domain organization of the β subunit is shown at the top, a ribbon diagram of the FAS particle without the α subunits on the left, and an individual β subunit on the right.
(B, C, E, and F) Ribbon diagrams of individual domains. Red sticks show side chains of active-site residues.
(B) AT (green), AT helical flap (blue).
(C) MPT (beige), MPT helical flap (blue). The orientation is the same as that of AT.
(D) Composition of the AT active center (pale green). Residues involved in catalysis are shown in red. Malonate (yellow) is modeled into the putative active sites as a reference (from PDB ID code 2G2Z).
(E) ER (blue) with the FMN molecule (green) in the active site.
(F) DHn (light blue) and DHc (cyan) form a pseudodimer (DH domain).

The above figure is reprinted by permission from Cell Press: Cell (2007, 129, 319-332) copyright 2007.