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Figure 6.
Fig. 6. Substrate shuttling in the fungal FAS. (A) On the basis of the shortest distances between both ACP anchor points (green) and all catalytic domains in the reaction chamber, acompleteset of catalytic sites necessary for the cyclic reaction can be defined (red). On accountofthe elasticity of linkers (yellow), free diffusion of ACP (cyan) would be "channeled" into a circular path, which further increases the local concentration of the ACP in the area where active sites are distributed (arrow). (B) The reaction chamber contains three complete sets of active sites, which are arranged in an approximate plane around the peripheral ACP anchors. Note that different (pink, blue) and ß chains (green, yellow, gray) contribute to each catalytic set.

The above figure is reprinted by permission from the AAAs: Science (2007, 316, 254-261) copyright 2007.