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Figure 6.
(a–c) Structural rearrangements in CDR2 , CDR3 and CDR3 induced by binding to mutant TPI–DR1. Bound E8, green; unbound E8, magenta; HLA-DR1, gold; mutant TPI, gray. Residues from E8 and DR1 involved in interactions with peptide are identified. (d) Superposition of mutant TPI–DR1 in a form without bound ligand (peptide, cyan; MHC, violet) and in complex with E8 (peptide, gray; MHC, gold). Arrow indicates residues 55–59 of the HLA-DR1 1 domain. (e) Conformational changes in TPI residues that contact E8. Residues of TPI involved in interactions with E8 are identified. Residue designations as in Figure 4.

The above figure is reprinted by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nat Immunol (2007, 8, 398-408) copyright 2007.