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Figure 5.
Comparison of the switch regions of GemΔNΔCaM-GDP with H-Ras-GDP/GTP. A, the H-Ras-GDP (Protein Data Bank code 4Q21; transparent light blue) and H-Ras-GTP (Protein Data Bank code 5P21; transparent dark blue) switch I-interswitch-switch II regions are shown superposed on the GemΔNΔCaM-GDP structure (same colors as in Fig. 4) for comparison. B, close view of A with overall structure shown as coils and the C-terminal part of switch II deleted for clarity. The first residues from the DMWEN and DTAGQ motifs in Gem and H-Ras, respectively, are shown in ball-and-stick representations for comparison. Note the divergent backbone trace and side chain directions between Gem and H-Ras after the Asp^131/Asp^57 residues and the position of Met^132 that shortens the β2 strand, pushing switch I away from the nucleotide binding site in Gem when compared with H-Ras.

The above figure is reprinted by permission from the ASBMB: J Biol Chem (2007, 282, 1905-1915) copyright 2007.