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Figure 2.
Figure 2. Structure of PTPA Homologs
(A) Topology of the PTPA fold. The bimodular structure is formed by domain A (helices 3–7) and domain B (helices 8–13).
(B) Structural superposition of hPTPAΔ (blue), Ypa1Δ (green), and Ypa2Δ (red), in about the same orientation as (C).
(C) Stereo cartoon representation of the Ypa1Δ monomer. The helices are colored with the same color code as (A).
(D) Surface representation of the Ypa1Δ monomer. The surface is color coded in increasing shades of red representing conservation of the surface residue. The left panel has the same orientation as (C), whereas in the right panel, the Ypa1Δ monomer is rotated over 180°.

The above figure is reprinted by permission from Cell Press: Mol Cell (2006, 23, 413-424) copyright 2006.