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Figure 6.
FIGURE 6. Stereo diagrams of superpositions using base atoms of purine 8 of wild type HincII/CG/Ca^2+ (black) showing the central two base pairs of the recognition sequence GTYRAC (underlined) of both strands. A, Q138F/TA (red). B, Q138F/TA/Ca^2+ (pink). C, Q138F/CG (blue). D, Q138F/CG/Ca^2+ (cyan). E, Q138F/CG/Ca^2+ (cyan), Q138F/TA/Ca^2+ (pink), and wild type HincII/CG/Ca^2+ (gray) showing the propagation of differences in stacking with the center step purines to the phosphate position of Ade 9. A residue of the active site, Asp-127, as well as the adjacent residue implicated in potential steric conflicts with the DNA, Thr-130, are also shown. Py, a pyrimidine; Pur, a purine.

The above figure is reprinted by permission from the ASBMB: J Biol Chem (2006, 281, 23852-23869) copyright 2006.