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Figure 3.
Visualization of the quadruple mutant crystal structure (dark gray) near side chain repacking mutants. (A) Comparison to the predicted structure (light gray) in the vicinity of the S28Q mutation in the light chain. The predicted structure forms a similar stacking-like interaction between Tyr264 on antigen and the glutamine. The electron density (2F[o] [minus sign] F[c], [sigma] = 1.1) indicates that the tyrosine has swung inward toward the bulk of the antigen. (B) Comparison of the wild-type (light gray) and quadruple mutant crystal (dark gray) structures in the vicinity of the N52Y mutation in the light chain.

The above figure is reprinted from an Open Access publication published by the Protein Society: Protein Sci (2006, 15, 949-960) copyright 2006.