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Figure 7.
Figure 7. Biological Implications of the Pol λ Structure(A) Stereo view of an overlay of the active site of Pol λ with that of Pol β in a closed conformation (1BPY). The DNA corresponds to the Pol λ structure, while the incoming ddCTP (green) and metal ions (gray balls) correspond to Pol β 1BPY. Relevant residues are shown in red (Pol λ) and blue (Pol β). The template strand is gray and the primer terminus is yellow.(B) Electrostatic surface potential of Pol λ and Pol β. The DNA for each of the structures is shown in gray (template) and yellow (primer and downstream primer). The potential ranges from −8 kT/e (red) to 8 kT/e (blue).

The above figure is reprinted by permission from Cell Press: Mol Cell (2004, 13, 561-572) copyright 2004.