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Figure 3.
Fig. 3. The P6 pocket and T1D. (A) Stereoview of a superposition of selected residues from DQ0602-hypocretin with the equivalent residues from DQ0302-insulinB. Main chain is shown as coil, and selected residue side chains are depicted as ball-and-stick (yellow, hypocretin peptide; green, DQ0602; magenta, DQ0302-insulinB). The P6 residue in both the hypocretin and insulinB peptides is valine. (B) Stereoview of the DQ0602-hypocretin complex as in A. The volume bound by the blue chicken wire shows the increase in the P6 pocket size of DQ0602 when compared with DQ0302. The volume was defined by the program VOLUMES as local difference between the solvent-accessible surfaces of the two binding grooves after superposition.