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Figure 4.
FIG. 4. N-terminal insert of human CA IV relative to human CA XII and murine CA XIV. The CA IV sequence is depicted in red with the side chains labeled, and the CA XII and CA XIV sequences are shown as C traces in blue and green, respectively. The additional intramolecular contacts in CA IV between the N-terminal insert and the 130's loop combined with the additional disulfide bond between Cys-6 and Cys-13 (depicted in gold) stabilize CA IV in the presence of SDS. Inserts in the CA IV sequence are numbered according to the point of insertion with a letter appended (e.g. 11A, 11B, etc.).

The above figure is reprinted by permission from the ASBMB: J Biol Chem (2004, 279, 7223-7228) copyright 2004.