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Figure 5.
FIG. 5. Surface presentation of the G-site, H-site, and the Mu-loop. a, GST1 from P. falciparum with bound S-hexyl-GSH shown as sticks. There are no interactions between the Mu-loop shown in blue and the C-terminal region shown in yellow. b, the corresponding region of the human Mu-class enzyme GST M2-2 (Protein Data Bank code 1HNA [PDB] ) in complex with glutathione-dinitrobenzene (only the GSH portion of the ligand is shown because of a lack of electron density reported previously (36). The Mu-loop and the C-terminal region are connected by distinct molecular interactions, shielding the G- and H-sites against the solvent. The program GRASP (42) was used to produce the figure.

The above figure is reprinted by permission from the ASBMB: J Biol Chem (2004, 279, 1336-1342) copyright 2004.