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Figure 1.
FIG. 1. Structure of DJ-1. A, ribbon diagram of a DJ-1 monomer shown with the secondary structures labeled. The core structure is represented by violet. Yellow indicates the insertion into the core structure. The boxed region indicates the dimerization site. The white arrow indicates the location of Leu-166. B, left, ribbon presentation of DJ-1 dimer. An ellipse indicates the location of the hydrophobic patch. Right, molecular surface representation showing the proposed hydrophobic patch. The molecular surface encompassing Val-146, Phe-162, Leu-166, Ala-167, Ala-178, and Leu-187 is colored yellow. The orientation is identical to that of left figure. C, stereo view of the superimposed C tracing of DJ-1 (yellow), Hsp31 (cyan), PH1704 (green), and Cat_ThiJ (pink). The orientation of the molecule is similar to A. The boxed region is the cap domain of Hsp31. A sphere indicates the location of the conserved cysteine residues. D, the 2F[o] - F[c] electron density maps contoured at 1 showing the region around Leu-166.

The above figure is reprinted by permission from the ASBMB: J Biol Chem (2003, 278, 44552-44559) copyright 2003.