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Figure 4.
Figure 4: Protein -nucleic acid interactions. a, Schematic drawing of the protein -nucleic acid interface. HB, hydrogen bonds; ES, electrostatic interactions; HPH, hydrophobic interactions and closely approaching residues with the nucleotide indicated (including phosphate and sugar). b, Junction between downstream DNA and the RNA -DNA hybrid. c, Upstream end of the RNA -DNA hybrid. Colours are the same as in Fig. 2. The side chains of Tyr 639 and Phe 644 (b), and Gln 58, Glu 63 and Asp 66 (c) are shown in orange. Proximity of the N-subdomain residues to the upstream hybrid base pair (c) are indicated by dashed lines. T, template; NT, non-template.

The above figure is reprinted by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nature (2002, 420, 43-50) copyright 2002.