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Figure 10.
Figure 10. Model of the hypothetical TF[PPIase]-FK506 complex (left) and comparison with the actual FKBP-FK506 complex (right). The hypothetical TF[PPIase]-FK506 complex is based upon the same superposition of TF[PPIase] and FKBP as in Figure 8. Regions of FK506 and of TF[PPIase] experiencing steric clashes are indicated by their dotted van der Waals surfaces. Blue, residues Phe66 and Tyr93 (TF[PPIase]) that interfere with the binding in TF[PPIase] and the corresponding Val55 and Tyr82 of FKBP. Regions of FK506 in conflict with the binding to TF[PPIase] are displayed in red and green, respectively, and are colored according to Scheme 1.

The above figure is reprinted by permission from Elsevier: J Mol Biol (2002, 318, 1097-1115) copyright 2002.