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Figure 8.
Figure 8. The omit maps (F[o] -F[c], contoured at 3.5s) of unusual residues of Chlamydomonas rubisco. Each map is calculated without a contribution of the coordinates of the unusual residue. In the stick model, C, N, O, and S atoms are colored in yellow, blue, red, and green, respectively. The stick models fitted in the electron-density maps are (a) Na-methyl-MetS-1, (b) 4-hydroxy-ProL-104, (c) 4-hydroxy-ProL-151, (d) Sg-methyl-CysL-256, (e) Sg-methyl-CysL-369, and (f) ThrL-471. The electron-density map in (f) is probably that of Og-methyl-Thr or Ile, as described in the text. The white arrows show the additional electron densities resulting from modifications or amino acid conversion. The Figure was prepared using the program TURBO-FRODO.

The above figure is reprinted by permission from Elsevier: J Mol Biol (2002, 316, 679-691) copyright 2002.