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Figure 1.
Fig. 1. Electron density for carbohydrates and fourth metal ion. a and b, glycosylation site connected to Asn-122 corresponding, respectively, to the reported 1.8-Å structure (a) and to a 2.1-Å data set still under refinement (b) (Table I). c, carbohydrate connected to Asn-249 in stacking with Trp-248 and coordination of the fourth metal ion with Glu-216, Phe-269-CO, Glu-270-O 2, Asp-285, and one water molecule. In each case, the 2 F[o] F[c] map is shown in blue and is contoured at the 1.2 level. The F[o] F[c] map is shown in green and contoured at 10 level. This figure was made with TURBO (34).

The above figure is reprinted by permission from the ASBMB: J Biol Chem (2001, 276, 9158-9165) copyright 2001.