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Figure 5.
Figure 5. Representation of the Binding Groove of Δ50Tom20 and the Bound Presequence Peptide(A) Molecular surface of Δ50Tom20 (residues 57–124). Hydrophobic residues comprising the hydrophobic patch (Phe^70, Leu^71, Ile^74, Leu^106, Val^109, Leu^110, Thr^113), and Gln (Gln^67, Gln^75, Gln^102, Gln^104, Gln^105, Gln^108, Gln^111, and Gln^112) and Glu (Glu^78 and Glu^79) in the peripheral region are colored in yellow, orange, and red, respectively. The bound peptide is drawn as a tube with sidechains in magenta for Leu, blue for Arg, and cyan for others. N' and C' denote the N and C termini of the peptide, respectively.(B) Same structure viewed from an angle along the arrow shown in (A).

The above figure is reprinted by permission from Cell Press: Cell (2000, 100, 551-560) copyright 2000.