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Ligand Description No. of PDB
_NA   Sodium ion   4872
_NF     1
_NI   Nickel (ii) ion   825
_NK     2
_NO     39
_NO-HEC   HEC=Heme c.   2
_NO-HEM   HEM=Protoporphyrin IX containing fe.   5
_NP     1
_NQ     1
_NT     17

Above is a listing of ligands in PDB beginning with the letter _ and part-code _N. The column on the right shows the number of PDB entries containing the given ligand. Other part-codes for this letter are listed in the index on the left.

You can use the index at the top to get to ligands starting with different letters. A drop-down menu gives you access to any given part-code. Alternatively use the search box at top right to search for codes or names.

Note that leading spaces in ligand names (or in names of Het Groups within ligands) are replaced by an underscore, "_". The page labelled "_" on the far right of the index at the top includes all the metal ligands.