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Formula Description No. of PDB
_CA   Ca   Calcium ion   7870
_CD   Cd   Cadmium ion   759
_CE   Ce   Cerium (III) ion   4
_CG   C11H14N6   4-Amidinoindan-1-One-2'-Amidinohydrazone   1
_CH   C9H15N3O8P   N3-Protonated cytidine-5'-Monophosphate   19
_CL   Cl   Chloride ion   7755
_CM   C2H4O2   Carboxymethyl group [Obsolete. Relaced by ACY]  
_CN   CHN   Cyanide [Obsolete. Relaced by CYN]   2
_CO   Co   Cobalt (ii) ion   577
_CP   CH4NO5P   Phosphoric acid mono(formamide)ester   32
_CR   Cr   Chromium ion   8
_CS   Cs   Cesium ion   87
_CU   Cu   Copper (ii) ion   1157
_C_       2

Above is a listing of Het Groups in PDB beginning with the letter _ and part-code _C. The column on the right shows the number of PDB entries containing the given Het Group. Other part-codes for this letter are listed in the index on the left.

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