5. Side-chain parameters


The five graphs on the side-chain parameters plot show how the structure (represented by the solid square) compares with well-refined structures at a similar resolution. The dark band in each graph represents the results from the well-refined structures; the central line is a least-squares fit to the mean trend as a function of resolution, while the width of the band on either side of it corresponds to a variation of one standard deviation about the mean. In all cases the trend is dependent on the resolution.

Note. This plot is intended as a rough guide only and too much reliance should not be placed on results being "better than structures at the same resolution".

The 5 properties plotted are:

  • a. Standard deviation of the chi-1 gauche minus torsion angles.
  • b. Standard deviation of the chi-1 trans torsion angles.
  • c. Standard deviation of the chi-1 gauche plus torsion angles.
  • d. Pooled standard deviation of all chi-1 torsion angles.
  • e. Standard deviation of the chi-2 trans torsion angles.


Roman Laskowski Sep 1995 spacer