DNA/RNA page

Any DNA and RNA chains in the structure are listed on a single page.

a. Thumbnail image 
b. Contents
c. DNA/RNA sequence(s)
  DNA/RNA page

a-b. Thumbnail image and contents

The left-hand side of the DNA/RNA page is similar to the top page and is as shown below.


a. Thumbnail image

Where the DNA/RNA chains are not the only molecule in the structure the thumbnail image(s), rendered using Raster3D, shows the DNA/RNA chains as solid while rendering all other molecules as transparent.

Clicking on the image will show the DNA/RNA molecule(s) alone.


b. Contentss The tree shows all the entry's contents as on the top page, with the DNA/RNA highlighted here.

c-d. Sequence(s) and NUCPLOT

The sequence of bases making up each DNA/RNA chain is listed.

Clicking on the NUCPLOT icon displays a schematic diagram of all the interactions (in terms of hydrogen bonds and non-bonded contacts) made between the DNA and any protein or ligand molecules in the structure. spacer