Details for match to template TMP00145

Details for match to template TMP00145

Template match. The template is shown with the smaller atoms and bonds; the larger atoms and bonds correspond to the matching coordinates in your structure. These are labelled with atom and residue names.
Note that, if the match is a particularly good one (ie with a small r.m.s.d.) the atoms and bonds from the template may be obscured by those from the actual structure.
Hit 5. Template: TMP00145
Similarity score: 506.75 E-value: 0.00E+00
Matched PDB entry: 1x1r Crystal structure of m-ras in complex with gdp
Matched residues: Lys15(A), Leu16(A), Asp64(A).
Template residues: Lys5(A), Leu6(A), Asp54(A).
RMSD: 1.03Å (16 atoms)
Matched residues: 25 identical / 3 similar
No. of equivalenced residues: 28
Local sequence identity: 78.12%
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The sequence alignment shown below has been driven by the residues equivalenced by the template match. So if the match is a nonsensical one, the alignment may be meaningless (eg with many gaps and insertions).

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Alignment statistics
 Length of 
 query seq 
 Length of 
 target seq 
 seq id 
 Rmsd of 
 fit (Å) 
166 169 168 57.23% 99.4% 165 165 1.88
* The structural similarity shows the percentage of all residues that lie in 'fittable' segments. A segment is fittable if it consists of at least 7 consecutive residues which, when structurally superposed on equivalent C-alpha positions, give an rmsd of <3.0Å. The fittable segments are shown by the blue bars in the alignment. The longest such segment is shown by a red bar and, in this case is 165 residues long.
§ This gives the number of residue pairs from the two structures that can be superposed on the C-alpha atoms to give an rmsd of < 3.0Å.