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Hydrolase(o-glycosyl) PDB id
Protein chain
388 a.a.
NAG ×2
Waters ×87

References listed in PDB file
Key reference
Title Refined atomic structures of n9 subtype influenza virus neuraminidase and escape mutants.
Authors W.R.Tulip, J.N.Varghese, A.T.Baker, A.Van donkelaar, W.G.Laver, R.G.Webster, P.M.Colman.
Ref. J Mol Biol, 1991, 221, 487-497.
PubMed id 1920429
The crystal structure of the N9 subtype neuraminidase of influenza virus was refined by simulated annealing and conventional techniques to an R-factor of 0.172 for data in the resolution range 6.0 to 2.2 A. The r.m.s. deviation from ideal values of bond lengths is 0.014 A. The structure is similar to that of N2 subtype neuraminidase both in secondary structure elements and in their connections. The three-dimensional structures of several escape mutants of neuraminidase, selected with antineuraminidase monoclonal antibodies, are also reported. In every case, structural changes associated with the point mutation are confined to the mutation site or to residues that are spatially immediately adjacent to it. The failure of antisera to cross-react between N2 and N9 subtypes may be correlated with the absence of conserved, contiguous surface structures of area 700 A2 or more.
Secondary reference #1
Title Three-Dimensional structure of the neuraminidase of influenza virus a/tokyo/3/67 at 2.2 a resolution.
Authors J.N.Varghese, P.M.Colman.
Ref. J Mol Biol, 1991, 221, 473-486.
PubMed id 1920428
Secondary reference #2
Title Three-Dimensional structure of neuraminidase of subtype n9 from an avian influenza virus.
Authors A.T.Baker, J.N.Varghese, W.G.Laver, G.M.Air, P.M.Colman.
Ref. Proteins, 1987, 2, 111-117.
PubMed id 3447170
Secondary reference #3
Title Gene and protein sequence of an influenza neuraminidase with hemagglutinin activity.
Authors G.M.Air, L.R.Ritchie, W.G.Laver, P.M.Colman.
Ref. Virology, 1985, 145, 117-122.
PubMed id 4013081
Secondary reference #4
Title Influenza virus neuraminidase with hemagglutinin activity.
Authors W.G.Laver, P.M.Colman, R.G.Webster, V.S.Hinshaw, G.M.Air.
Ref. Virology, 1984, 137, 314-323.
PubMed id 6485252
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