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Nucleotidyltransferase PDB id
Protein chains
780 a.a.*
* C-alpha coords only

References listed in PDB file
Key references
No key reference given in PDB file
Secondary reference #1
Title Crystal structure of bacteriophage t7 RNA polymerase at 3.3 a resolution.
Authors R.Sousa, Y.J.Chung, J.P.Rose, B.C.Wang.
Ref. Nature, 1993, 364, 593-599.
PubMed id 7688864
Secondary reference #2
Title Preparation of crystals of t7 RNA polymerase suitable for high-Resolution X-Ray structure analysis
Authors R.Sousa, E.M.Lafer, B.C.Wang.
Ref. j.cryst.growth, 1991, 110, 237.
Secondary reference #3
Title The use of glycerol in the crystallization of t7 RNA polymerase: implications for the use of co-Solvents in protein crystallization
Authors R.Sousa, E.M.Lafer.
Ref. methods (san diego), 1990, 1, 50.
Secondary reference #4
Title Single crystals of bacteriophage t7 RNA polymerase.
Authors R.Sousa, J.P.Rose, Y.J.Chung, E.M.Lafer, B.C.Wang.
Ref. Proteins, 1989, 5, 266-270.
PubMed id 2678097