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Ligand/metal interactions PDB id
Metal highlighted
DOD ×227
DOD 900(A)
DOD 901(A)
DOD 902(A)
DOD 903(A)
DOD 904(A)
DOD 905(A)
DOD 906(A)
DOD 907(A)
DOD 908(A)
DOD 909(A)
DOD 910(A)
DOD 911(A)
DOD 912(A)
DOD 913(A)
DOD 914(A)
DOD 915(A)
DOD 916(A)
DOD 917(A)
DOD 918(A)
DOD 919(A)
DOD 920(A)
DOD 921(A)
DOD 922(A)
DOD 923(A)
DOD 924(A)
DOD 925(A)
DOD 926(A)
DOD 927(A)
DOD 928(A)
DOD 929(A)
DOD 930(A)
DOD 931(A)
DOD 932(A)
DOD 933(A)
DOD 934(A)
DOD 935(A)
DOD 936(A)
DOD 937(A)
DOD 938(A)
DOD 939(A)
DOD 940(A)
DOD 941(A)
DOD 942(A)
DOD 943(A)
DOD 944(A)
DOD 945(A)
DOD 946(A)
DOD 947(A)
DOD 948(A)
DOD 949(A)
DOD 950(A)
DOD 951(A)
DOD 952(A)
DOD 953(A)
DOD 954(A)
DOD 955(A)
DOD 956(A)
DOD 957(A)
DOD 958(A)
DOD 959(A)
DOD 960(A)
DOD 961(A)
DOD 962(A)
DOD 963(A)
DOD 964(A)
DOD 965(A)
DOD 966(A)
DOD 967(A)
DOD 968(A)
DOD 969(A)
DOD 970(A)
DOD 971(A)
DOD 972(A)
DOD 973(A)
DOD 974(A)
DOD 975(A)
DOD 976(A)
DOD 977(A)
DOD 978(A)
DOD 979(A)
DOD 980(A)
DOD 981(A)
DOD 982(A)
DOD 983(A)
DOD 984(A)
DOD 985(A)
DOD 986(A)
DOD 987(A)
DOD 988(A)
DOD 989(A)
DOD 990(A)
DOD 991(A)
DOD 992(A)
DOD 993(A)
DOD 994(A)
DOD 995(A)
DOD 996(A)
DOD 997(A)
DOD 998(A)
DOD 999(A)
... plus 127 others
ZN 262(A)
Metal ion _ZN - Zinc ion

LIGPLOT of interactions involving metal





ZN 262(A)