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Ligand/metal interactions PDB id
1060 instances of metal highlighted
_MG ×1060
MG 5005(D)
MG 5006(A)
MG 5008(D)
MG 5009(A)
MG 5014(E)
MG 5016(A)
MG 5017(E)
MG 5023(F)
MG 5025(G)
MG 5029(H)
MG 5034(I)
MG 5037(K)
MG 5041(N)
MG 5047(O)
MG 5049(A)
MG 5050(P)
MG 5056(Q)
MG 5057(R)
MG 5058(A)
MG 5060(S)
MG 5061(T)
MG 5062(A)
MG 5063(U)
MG 5066(V)
MG 5068(W)
MG 5070(X)
MG 5071(A)
MG 5074(Y)
MG 5075(A)
MG 5076(Z)
MG 5078(0)
MG 5079(A)
MG 5085(1)
MG 5088(2)
MG 5090(5)
MG 5092(6)
MG 5096(8)
MG 5098(4)
MG 5328(A)
MG 5329(P)
MG 5433(A)
MG 5434(B)
MG 5519(A)
MG 5520(R)
MG 6023(A)
MG 6035(B)
MG 6036(S)
MG 6058(B)
MG 6059(I)
MG 6060(A)
MG 5001(D)
MG 5002(D)
MG 5003(D)
MG 5004(D)
MG 5007(D)
MG 5010(E)
MG 5011(E)
MG 5012(E)
MG 5013(E)
MG 5015(A)
MG 5018(F)
MG 5019(F)
MG 5020(F)
MG 5021(F)
MG 5022(F)
MG 5024(G)
MG 5026(H)
MG 5027(H)
MG 5028(H)
MG 5030(I)
MG 5031(I)
MG 5032(I)
MG 5033(I)
MG 5035(K)
MG 5036(K)
MG 5038(N)
MG 5039(N)
MG 5040(N)
MG 5042(O)
MG 5043(O)
MG 5044(O)
MG 5045(O)
MG 5046(O)
MG 5048(A)
MG 5051(Q)
MG 5052(Q)
MG 5053(Q)
MG 5054(Q)
MG 5055(Q)
MG 5059(S)
MG 5064(V)
MG 5065(V)
MG 5067(W)
MG 5069(X)
MG 5072(Y)
MG 5073(Y)
MG 5077(0)
MG 5080(1)
MG 5081(1)
MG 5082(1)
... plus 960 others
Metal ion _MG - Magnesium ion

LIGPLOT of interactions involving metal





MG 5005(D)