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Interleukin-13 PDB id
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109 a.a.
Theoretical model
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Name: Interleukin-13
Structure: Interleukin-13 model 1 (theoretical model)
Source: Human (homo sapiens)
Authors: P.Bamborough,D.Duncan,W.G.Richards
Key ref: P.Bamborough et al. (1994). Predictive modelling of the 3-D structure of interleukin-13. Protein Eng, 7, 1077-1082. PubMed id: 7530359
06-Sep-94     Release date:   20-Dec-94    
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Protein chain
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Struc: 109 a.a.
Key:    Secondary structure


Protein Eng 7:1077-1082 (1994)
PubMed id: 7530359  
Predictive modelling of the 3-D structure of interleukin-13.
P.Bamborough, D.Duncan, W.G.Richards.
Several atomic structures are now available for the family of helical cytokines, which includes growth hormone as well as many of the interleukins. Using structural information from five members of this family, two alternative models of interleukin (IL)-13 are proposed. IL-13 has biological properties similar to those of IL-4 and, like the other interleukins, is a potentially important pharmaceutical target. The model of IL-13 is discussed and compared with the known interleukin structures.

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PDB code: 1j9u
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