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Ribosome PDB id
Protein chains
235 a.a.
207 a.a.
208 a.a.
151 a.a.
101 a.a.
155 a.a.
138 a.a.
127 a.a.
99 a.a.
119 a.a.
125 a.a.
118 a.a.
60 a.a.
88 a.a.
84 a.a.
100 a.a.
70 a.a.
85 a.a.
99 a.a.
25 a.a.
16 a.a.

References listed in PDB file
Key reference
Title Structural basis for 16s ribosomal RNA cleavage by the cytotoxic domain of colicin e3.
Authors C.L.Ng, K.Lang, N.A.Meenan, A.Sharma, A.C.Kelley, C.Kleanthous, V.Ramakrishnan.
Ref. Nat Struct Mol Biol, 2010, 17, 1241-1246.
PubMed id 20852642
No abstract given.
Secondary reference #1
Title Structure of the 70s ribosome complexed with mRNA and tRNA.
Authors M.Selmer, C.M.Dunham, F.V.Murphy, A.Weixlbaumer, S.Petry, A.C.Kelley, J.R.Weir, V.Ramakrishnan.
Ref. Science, 2006, 313, 1935-1942. [DOI no: 10.1126/science.1131127]
PubMed id 16959973
Full text Abstract
Figure 1.
Fig. 1. Representative electron density in the 70S structure. (A) F[o] – F[c] map showing unbiased density of the acceptor end of P-site tRNA (not included in the refinement), with refined 3F[o] – 2F[c] density for 23S RNA. Base pairs between C74 and C75 with G2252 and G2251 of 23S RNA are clearly visible. (B) Simulated annealing omit map of the large subunit protein L34 showing the visibility of well-ordered side chains. (C) A Mg ion shown in unbiased difference Fourier maps that is coordinated to the nonbridging phosphate oxygens at the 45° mRNA kink between the A and P site as well as the nonbridging phosphate oxygens of nucleotides 1400 and 1401 of h44 of 16S RNA. All RNA is shown in final 3F[o] – 2F[c] density. The Mg ions are shown in green. This and all other figures were made with Pymol (47).
Figure 5.
Fig. 5. E-site interactions in the 70S. (A) The anticodon of a noncognate E-site tRNA does not interact with the E-site codon of mRNA. Mg ions are shown in green. (B) A76 at the acceptor end of E-site tRNA intercalates between bases G2421 and A2422 of 23S RNA and interacts with the conserved base C2394. C75 is stacked on C74 and is in a markedly different conformation from that previously observed in an archaeal 50S subunit (38).
The above figures are reproduced from the cited reference with permission from the AAAs
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