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Title Solution structure of fk506 binding domain (fkbd) of plasmodium falciparum fk506 binding protein 35 (pffkbp35).
Authors C.B.Kang, H.Ye, H.R.Yoon, H.S.Yoon.
Ref. Proteins, 2008, 70, 300-302. [DOI no: 10.1002/prot.21623]
PubMed id 17876830
No abstract given.
Figure 1.
Figure 1. NMR structure of FKBD of PfFKBP35. A: Sequence alignment of FKBD of PfFKBP35 (AAN36539) and FKBP12 (A35780). Protein sequence alignment was generated by Vector NTI Align X (Informax). Based on three-dimensional structure of FKBP/FK506,[5] residues in the active pocket for binding FK506 are indicated by open reverse triangles, and those which are involved in interaction with FK506 through hydrogen bonding are indicated by filled circles. NCBI protein data base accession number is indicated in parenthesis. The identical residues and residues with conservative changes are shown in orange and green, respectively. B: Backbone ensemble of 20 conformers with lowest energy is shown superposed. Ribbon drawings of FKBD of PfFKBP35 (C) and FKBP12 (PDB: 1FKS) (D) are displayed, respectively. E: An overlay of the backbone heavy atom trace (N, C ,C ^) of the NMR structures of FKBP12 (Red) and FKBD of PfFKBP35 (Blue) is shown.
The above figure is reprinted by permission from John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: Proteins (2008, 70, 300-302) copyright 2008.
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