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182 a.a.
182 a.a.
13 a.a.
Waters ×311

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Key reference
Title A structural and immunological basis for the role of human leukocyte antigen dq8 in celiac disease.
Authors K.N.Henderson, J.A.Tye-Din, H.H.Reid, Z.Chen, N.A.Borg, T.Beissbarth, A.Tatham, S.I.Mannering, A.W.Purcell, N.L.Dudek, D.A.Van heel, J.Mccluskey, J.Rossjohn, R.P.Anderson.
Ref. Immunity, 2007, 27, 23-34.
PubMed id 17629515
The risk of celiac disease is strongly associated with human leukocyte antigen (HLA) DQ2 and to a lesser extent with HLA DQ8. Although the pathogenesis of HLA-DQ2-mediated celiac disease is established, the underlying basis for HLA-DQ8-mediated celiac disease remains unclear. We showed that T helper 1 (Th1) responses in HLA-DQ8-associated celiac pathology were indeed HLA DQ8 restricted and that multiple, mostly deamidated peptides derived from protease-sensitive sites of gliadin were recognized. This pattern of reactivity contrasted with the more absolute deamidation dependence and relative protease resistance of the dominant gliadin peptide in DQ2-mediated disease. We provided a structural basis for the selection of HLA-DQ8-restricted, deamidated gliadin peptides. The data established that the molecular mechanisms underlying HLA-DQ8-mediated celiac disease differed markedly from the HLA-DQ2-mediated form of the disease. Accordingly, nondietary therapeutic interventions in celiac disease might need to be tailored to the genotype of the individual.
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