Ligand clusters for UniProt code P00918

Ligand clusters for P00918: Carbonic anhydrase 2 OS=Homo sapiens GN=CA2 PE=1 SV=2

Top 6 (of 31) ligand clusters
Cluster 1.
349 ligand types
1326 ligands
Cluster 2.
9 ligand types
112 ligands
Cluster 3.
4 ligand types
26 ligands
Cluster 4.
4 ligand types
5 ligands
Cluster 5.
5 ligand types
19 ligands
Cluster 6.
3 ligand types
8 ligands
Representative protein: 2fouA  


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 Cluster 1 contains 349 ligand types (of which only 20 are listed. Click for all)

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Ligand Description

1. Ligand: BCT × 2
Bicarbonate ion
PDB codes: 1bic(A), 1lgd(A).

2. Metal: _ZN × 515
PDB codes: 12ca(A), 1a42(A), 1am6(A), 1avn(A), 1bcd(A), 1bic(A), 1bn1(A), 1bn3(A), 1bn4(A), 1bnm(A), 1bnn(A), 1bnq(A), 1bnt(A), 1bnu(A), 1bnv(A), 1bnw(A), 1bv3(A), 1ca2(A), 1ca3(A), 1cai(A), 1caj(A), 1cak(A), 1cal(A), 1cam(A), 1cay(A), 1caz(A), 1ccs(A), 1cct(A), 1ccu(A), 1cil(A), 1cim(A), 1cin(A), 1cnc(A), 1cng(A), 1cnh(A), 1cni(A), 1cnj(A), 1cnk(A), 1cnw(A), 1cnx(A), 1cny(A), 1cva(A), 1cvb(A), 1cvc(A), 1cvd(A), 1cve(A), 1cvh(A), 1dca(A), 1dcb(A), 1eou(A), 1f2w(A), 1fql(A), 1fqm(A), 1fr7(A), 1g0e(A), 1g0f(A), 1g1d(A), 1g3z(A), 1g45(A), 1g46(A), 1g48(A), 1g4j(A), 1g4o(A), 1g52(A), 1g53(A), 1g54(A), 1h4n(A), 1h9n(A), 1h9q(A), 1hca(A), 1hea(A), 1heb(A), 1hec(A), 1hed(A), 1i8z(A), 1i90(A), 1i91(A), 1i9l(A), 1i9m(A), 1i9n(A), 1i9o(A), 1i9p(A), 1i9q(A), 1if4(A), 1if5(A), 1if6(A), 1if7(A), 1if8(A), 1if9(A), 1kwq(A), 1kwr(A), 1lg5(A), 1lg6(A), 1lgd(A), 1lug(A), 1lzv(A), 1moo(A), 1mua(A), 1okl(A), 1okm(A), 1okn(A), 1oq5(A), 1ray(A), 1raz(A), 1t9n(A), 1tb0(X), 1tbt(X), 1te3(X), 1teu(X), 1tg3(A), 1tg9(A), 1th9(A), 1thk(A), 1ttm(A), 1uga(A), 1ugb(A), 1ugc(A), 1ugd(A), 1uge(A), 1ugf(A), 1ugg(A), 1xeg(A), 1xev(A), 1xpz(A), 1xq0(A), 1yda(A), 1ydb(A), 1ydc(A), 1ydd(A), 1yo0(A), 1yo1(A), 1yo2(A), 1z9y(A), 1ze8(A), 1zfk(A), 1zfq(A), 1zge(A), 1zgf(A), 1zh9(A), 1zsb(A), 1zsc(A), 2abe(A), 2aw1(A), 2ax2(A), 2ca2(A), 2cba(A), 2cbb(A), 2cbc(A), 2cbd(A), 2eu2(A), 2eu3(A), 2ez7(A), 2f14(A), 2fmg(A), 2fmz(A), 2fnk(A), 2fnm(A), 2fnn(A), 2foq(A), 2fos(A), 2fou(A), 2fov(A), 2gd8(A), 2geh(A), 2h15(A), 2h4n(A), 2hd6(A), 2hkk(A), 2hl4(A), 2hnc(A), 2hoc(A), 2ili(A), 2nng(A), 2nno(A), 2nns(A), 2nnv(A), 2nwo(A), 2nwp(A), 2nwy(A), 2nwz(A), 2nxr(A), 2nxs(A), 2nxt(A), 2o4z(A), 2osf(A), 2osm(A), 2pou(A), 2pov(A), 2pow(A), 2q1b(A), 2q1q(A), 2q38(A), 2qo8(A), 2qoa(A), 2qp6(A), 2vva(X), 2vvb(X), 2wd2(A), 2wd3(A), 2weg(A), 2weh(A), 2wej(A), 2weo(A), 2x7s(A), 2x7t(A), 2x7u(A), 3b4f(A), 3bet(A), 3bl0(A), 3bl1(A), 3c7p(A), 3ca2(A), 3caj(A), 3cyu(A), 3d8w(A), 3d92(A), 3d9z(A), 3daz(A), 3dbu(A), 3dc3(A), 3dc9(A), 3dcc(A), 3dcs(A), 3dcw(A), 3dd0(A), 3dd8(A), 3dv7(A), 3dvb(A), 3dvc(A), 3dvd(A), 3efi(A), 3eft(A), 3f4x(A), 3f8e(A), 3ffp(X), 3gz0(A), 3hfp(A), 3hkn(A), 3hkq(A), 3hkt(A), 3hku(A), 3hlj(A), 3hs4(A), 3ibi(A), 3ibl(A), 3ibn(A), 3ibu(A), 3ieo(A), 3igp(A), 3k2f(A), 3k34(A), 3k7k(A), 3kig(A), 3kkx(A), 3kne(A), 3ks3(A), 3kwa(A), 3l14(A), 3m04(A), 3m14(A), 3m1j(A), 3m1k(A), 3m1q(A), 3m1w(A), 3m2n(A), 3m2x(A), 3m2y(A), 3m2z(A), 3m3x(A), 3m40(A), 3m5e(A), 3m5s(A), 3m5t(A), 3m67(A), 3m96(A), 3m98(A), 3mhc(A), 3mhi(A), 3mhl(A), 3mhm(A), 3mho(A), 3ml2(A), 3mmf(A), 3mna(A), 3mnh(A), 3mni(A), 3mnj(A), 3mnk(A), 3mnu(A), 3mwo(A), 3myq(A), 3mzc(A), 3n0n(A), 3n2p(A), 3n3j(A), 3n4b(A), 3nb5(A), 3ni5(A), 3nj9(A), 3oik(A), 3oil(A), 3oim(A), 3oku(A), 3okv(A), 3oy0(A), 3oyq(A), 3oys(A), 3p3h(A), 3p3j(A), 3p44(A), 3p4v(A), 3p55(A), 3p58(A), 3p5a(A), 3p5l(A), 3pjj(A), 3po6(A), 3pyk(A), 3qyk(A), 3r16(A), 3r17(B), 3rg3(A), 3rg4(A), 3rge(A), 3rj7(A), 3rld(A), 3ryj(B), 3ryv(B), 3ryx(B), 3ryy(A), 3ryz(A), 3rz0(B), 3rz1(B), 3rz5(A), 3rz7(A), 3rz8(A), 3s71(B), 3s72(B), 3s73(B), 3s74(B), 3s75(B), 3s76(A), 3s77(B), 3s78(B), 3s8x(A), 3s9t(A), 3sap(A), 3sax(A), 3sbh(A), 3sbi(A), 3t5u(A), 3t5z(A), 3t82(A), 3t83(A), 3t84(A), 3t85(A), 3tmj(A), 3tvn(X), 3tvo(X), 3u3a(X), 3u45(X), 3u47(A), 3u7c(A), 3v2j(A), 3v2m(A), 3v3f(A), 3v3g(B), 3v3h(B), 3v3i(B), 3v3j(A), 3v5g(A), 3v7x(A), 3vbd(A), 3zp9(A), 4bcw(A), 4bf1(A), 4bf6(A), 4ca2(A), 4cac(A), 4cq0(A), 4dz7(A), 4dz9(A), 4e3d(A), 4e3f(A), 4e3g(A), 4e3h(A), 4e49(A), 4e4a(A), 4e5q(A), 4fik(A), 4fl7(A), 4fpt(A), 4frc(A), 4fu5(A), 4fvn(A), 4fvo(A), 4g0c(A), 4gl1(X), 4hba(A), 4hew(A), 4hey(A), 4hez(A), 4hf3(A), 4idr(X), 4ilx(A), 4ito(A), 4itp(A), 4iwz(A), 4js6(A), 4jsa(A), 4jss(A), 4jsw(A), 4jsz(A), 4k0s(A), 4k0t(A), 4k0z(A), 4k13(A), 4k1q(A), 4kap(A), 4kni(A), 4knj(A), 4kuv(A), 4kuw(A), 4kuy(A), 4kv0(A), 4l5u(A), 4l5v(A), 4l5w(A), 4lhi(A), 4lp6(A), 4m2r(A), 4m2u(A), 4m2v(A), 4m2w(A), 4mdg(A), 4mdl(A), 4mdm(A), 4mlt(A), 4mlx(A), 4mo8(A), 4mty(A), 4n0x(B), 4n16(A), 4pq7(A), 4pyx(A), 4pyy(A), 4pzh(A), 4q06(A), 4q07(A), 4q08(A), 4q09(A), 4q49(A), 4q6d(A), 4q6e(A), 4q78(A), 4q7p(A), 4q7s(A), 4q7v(A), 4q7w(A), 4q81(A), 4q83(A), 4q87(A), 4q8x(A), 4q8y(A), 4q8z(A), 4q90(A), 4q99(A), 4q9y(A), 4qef(A), 4qiy(A), 4qjm(A), 4qk1(A), 4qk2(A), 4qk3(A), 4qsa(A), 4qsb(A), 4qsi(A), 4qtl(A), 4qy3(A), 4r59(A), 4r5a(A), 4r5b(A), 4rfc(A), 4rfd(A), 4riu(A), 4riv(A), 4rn4(A), 4xe1(A), 4ygj(A), 4ygn(A), 5amd(A), 5amg(A), 5aml(A), 5ca2(A), 5cac(A), 6ca2(A), 7ca2(A), 8ca2(A), 9ca2(A).

3. Ligand: DMS × 22
dimethyl sulfoxide
Dimethyl sulfoxide
PDB codes: 2weo(A), 3m1j(A), 3m2n(A), 3m67(A), 3m96(A), 3mhi(A), 3mhl(A), 3mho(A), 3myq(A), 3n2p(A), 3s8x(A), 3s9t(A), 3sax(A), 3sbh(A), 3sbi(A), 4itp(A), 4k0z(A), 4kni(A), 4lhi(A), 4q6e(A), 4qsb(A).

4. Ligand: AZM × 12
PDB codes: 1yda(A), 1ydb(A), 1ydd(A), 1zsb(A), 2h4n(A), 3dc3(A), 3hs4(A), 3v2j(A), 3v2m(A), 4g0c(A), 4k0s(A).

5. Ligand: ETS × 4
(4s-Trans)-4-(Ethylamino)-5,6-Dihydro-6-Methyl-4h- Thieno(2,3-B)thiopyran-2-Sulfonamide-7,7-Dioxide
PDB codes: 1cil(A), 4k13(A), 4m2u(A), 4m2w(A).

6. Ligand: EZL × 3
PDB codes: 3caj(A), 3dcw(A), 3dd0(A).

7. Ligand: BZ1 × 2
(+)-4-Ethylamino-3,4-Dihydro-2-(Methoxy)propyl-2h- Thieno[3,2-E]-1,2-Thiazine-6-Sulfonamide-1,1-
PDB codes: 4m2r(A), 4m2v(A).

8. Ligand: ACT × 1
acetic acid
Acetate ion
PDB code: 1xeg(A).

9. Ligand: ALE × 1
PDB code: 2hkk(A).

10. Ligand: AMJ × 1
PDB code: 3ieo(A).

11. Ligand: BL1 × 1
4-Chloro-N-[(2s)-2-Methyl-2,3-Dihydro-1h-Indol-1-Yl]- 3-Sulfamoylbenzamide
PDB code: 3bl1(A).

12. Ligand: CEL × 1
4-[5-(4-Methylphenyl)-3-(Trifluoromethyl)-1h-Pyrazol- 1-Yl]benzenesulfonamide
PDB code: 1oq5(A).

13. Ligand: DHI × 1
PDB code: 2ez7(A).

14. Ligand: DPN × 1
PDB code: 2fmz(A).

15. Ligand: FUN × 1
5-(Aminosulfonyl)-4-Chloro-2-[(2-Furylmethyl) amino]benzoic acid
PDB code: 1z9y(A).

16. Ligand: HAE × 1
acetohydroxamic acid
Acetohydroxamic acid
PDB code: 1am6(A).

17. Ligand: I7A × 1
PDB code: 2pou(A).

18. Ligand: KLT × 1
2-Chloro-5-[(1s)-1-Hydroxy-3-Oxo-2h-Isoindol-1- Yl]benzenesulfonamide
PDB code: 3f4x(A).

19. Ligand: NHY × 1
PDB code: 2geh(A).

20. Ligand: SPM × 1
PDB code: 3kwa(A).

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 Cluster 2 contains 9 ligand types

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Ligand Description

1. Ligand: DMS × 77
dimethyl sulfoxide
Dimethyl sulfoxide
PDB codes: 3m2n(A), 3m3x(A), 3m40(A), 3m5e(A), 3m67(A), 3m96(A), 3m98(A), 3mhi(A), 3mhl(A), 3mhm(A), 3mho(A), 3myq(A), 3oim(A), 3oku(A), 3okv(A), 3oy0(A), 3oyq(A), 3oys(A), 3p5a(A), 3p5l(A), 3qyk(A), 3r16(A), 3r17(B), 3rj7(A), 3rz1(B), 3rz5(A), 3rz8(A), 3s72(B), 3s76(A), 3s8x(A), 3s9t(A), 3sap(A), 3sax(A), 3sbh(A), 3sbi(A), 3v2m(A), 4dz7(A), 4dz9(A), 4fpt(A), 4frc(A), 4fu5(A), 4fvn(A), 4fvo(A), 4ilx(A), 4ito(A), 4iwz(A), 4k0t(A), 4k0z(A), 4k13(A), 4kni(A), 4knj(A), 4lhi(A), 4mlt(A), 4mlx(A), 4pyx(A), 4pzh(A), 4q06(A), 4q07(A), 4q08(A), 4q09(A), 4q6d(A), 4q6e(A), 4q7p(A), 4q7v(A), 4q7w(A), 4q81(A), 4q87(A), 4q8x(A), 4q90(A), 4q99(A), 4q9y(A), 4qiy(A), 4qjm(A), 4qsa(A), 4qsb(A), 4qsi(A), 4qtl(A).

2. Ligand: GOL × 25
PDB codes: 3d92(A), 3d93(A), 3hkn(A), 3hkq(A), 3igp(A), 3ks3(A), 3nb5(A), 3po6(A), 3u3a(X), 3u45(X), 3u47(A), 3u7c(A), 3v7x(A), 4hba(A), 4l5u(A), 4l5v(A), 4l5w(A), 4mty(A), 4n16(A), 4qef(A), 4qk2(A), 4r59(A), 4r5a(A), 4r5b(A), 4riu(A).

3. Ligand: BME × 4
PDB codes: 4kuv(A), 4kuw(A), 4kuy(A), 4kv0(A).

4. Ligand: 4MZ × 1
PDB code: 4hey(A).

5. Ligand: A09 × 1
PDB code: 3t5u(A).

6. Ligand: BCT × 1
Bicarbonate ion
PDB code: 4rfd(A).

7. Ligand: EDO × 1
PDB code: 4q09(A).

8. Ligand: IMD × 1
PDB code: 4hf3(A).

9. Ligand: SO4 × 1
Sulfate ion
PDB code: 3pyk(A).


 Cluster 3 contains 4 ligand types

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Ligand Description

1. Ligand: AZM × 1
PDB code: 3hs4(A).

2. Ligand: BCN × 15
PDB codes: 3m2n(A), 3s8x(A), 3s9t(A), 3sap(A), 3sax(A), 3sbh(A), 3sbi(A), 4pzh(A), 4q06(A), 4q07(A), 4q08(A), 4q6d(A), 4q6e(A), 4qiy(A), 4qjm(A).

3. Ligand: GOL × 7
PDB codes: 2vva(X), 2vvb(X), 3v7x(A), 3vbd(A), 4k0t(A), 4n16(A), 4riu(A).

4. Ligand: SO4 × 3
Sulfate ion
PDB codes: 4e4a(A), 4jsa(A), 4jss(A).


 Cluster 4 contains 4 ligand types

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Ligand Description

1. Ligand: IMD × 2
PDB codes: 4hf3(A),

2. Ligand: 1MZ × 1
PDB code: 4hez(A).

3. Ligand: GOL × 1
PDB code: 2x7u(A).

4. Ligand: RYY × 1
PDB code: 3ryy(A).


 Cluster 5 contains 5 ligand types

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Ligand Description

1. Ligand: MES × 14
2-(N-Morpholino)-Ethanesulfonic acid
PDB codes: 3m98(A), 3myq(A), 3sap(A), 3sbh(A), 4kni(A), 4knj(A), 4pyx(A), 4pzh(A), 4q08(A), 4qjm(A), 4qsa(A), 4qsb(A), 4qsi(A), 4qtl(A).

2. Ligand: GOL × 2
PDB codes: 4ilx(A), 4itp(A).

3. Ligand: EDO × 1
PDB code: 4q09(A).

UNX=Unknown atom or ion.
PDB code: 3hlj(A).

5. Metal: _BR × 1
PDB code: 4ygj(A).


 Cluster 6 contains 3 ligand types

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Ligand Description

1. Ligand: GOL × 5
PDB codes: 2q38(A), 2x7s(A), 3k34(A), 3v7x(A), 4xe1(A).

2. Ligand: EDO × 2
PDB codes: 4q09(A),

3. Ligand: 1MZ × 1
PDB code: 4hez(A).