UniProt functional annotation for P27705

UniProt code: P27705.

Organism: Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain ATCC 204508 / S288c) (Baker's yeast).
Taxonomy: Eukaryota; Fungi; Dikarya; Ascomycota; Saccharomycotina; Saccharomycetes; Saccharomycetales; Saccharomycetaceae; Saccharomyces.
Function: Involved in glucose repression of the SUC, GAL and MAL genes as well as of the CAT8 gene. Binds to two sites in the upstream region of SUC2.
Subcellular location: Nucleus.
Miscellaneous: Present with 830 molecules/cell in log phase SD medium.
Similarity: Belongs to the creA/MIG C2H2-type zinc-finger protein family.
Similarity: Contains 2 C2H2-type zinc fingers.
Sequence caution: Sequence=CAA39084.1; Type=Frameshift; Positions=381;

Annotations taken from UniProtKB at the EBI.