Ligand clusters for UniProt code P01903

Ligand clusters for P01903: HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DR alpha chain OS=Homo sapiens GN=HLA-DRA PE=1 SV=1

As none of this protein's 3D structures in the PDB span the full length of the protein sequence they have been grouped into 2 non-overlapping groups, shown below. Select the group of interest to view the ligand clusters for that group.

   Summary      Group 1      Group 2   

Group 1
1 sequence
No ligands
Group 2
6 sequences
15 ligand clusters

Group representatives

The representative sequences for each group are shown below.
Group   Nseqs   Rep   Schematic diagram
Group 1   1   4c56B    
Group 2   6   3pdoA