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Ligand/metal interactions PDB id
362 instances of metal highlighted
G4P ×2
G4P 9100(N)
_MG ×362
MG 9555(A)
MG 9560(B)
MG 9561(C)
MG 9562(D)
MG 9551(E)
MG 9558(F)
MG 9206(M)
MG 9209(A)
MG 9212(A)
MG 9224(A)
MG 9227(A)
MG 9254(A)
MG 9273(A)
MG 9295(A)
MG 9318(A)
MG 9327(A)
MG 9329(A)
MG 9334(A)
MG 9365(A)
MG 9368(A)
MG 9394(A)
MG 9423(A)
MG 9442(A)
MG 9462(A)
MG 9464(A)
MG 9473(A)
MG 9486(A)
MG 9487(A)
MG 9517(A)
MG 9520(A)
MG 9521(A)
MG 9543(A)
MG 9544(A)
MG 9235(B)
MG 9256(B)
MG 9280(B)
MG 9306(B)
MG 9412(B)
MG 9413(B)
MG 9420(B)
MG 9446(B)
MG 9458(B)
MG 9491(B)
MG 9552(B)
MG 9210(C)
MG 9213(C)
MG 9217(C)
MG 9219(C)
MG 9221(C)
MG 9222(C)
MG 9223(C)
MG 9231(C)
MG 9238(C)
MG 9239(C)
MG 9243(C)
MG 9255(C)
MG 9257(C)
MG 9259(C)
MG 9263(C)
MG 9264(C)
MG 9266(C)
MG 9267(C)
MG 9272(C)
MG 9282(C)
MG 9284(C)
MG 9287(C)
MG 9289(C)
MG 9292(C)
MG 9293(C)
MG 9299(C)
MG 9300(C)
MG 9313(C)
MG 9316(C)
MG 9320(C)
MG 9321(C)
MG 9328(C)
MG 9330(C)
MG 9335(C)
MG 9338(C)
MG 9339(C)
MG 9345(C)
MG 9346(C)
MG 9347(C)
MG 9348(C)
MG 9354(C)
MG 9356(C)
MG 9358(C)
MG 9359(C)
MG 9364(C)
MG 9367(C)
MG 9371(C)
MG 9378(C)
MG 9381(C)
MG 9383(C)
MG 9385(C)
MG 9387(C)
MG 9395(C)
MG 9396(C)
MG 9397(C)
MG 9405(C)
... plus 243 others
_ZN ×4
ZN 9102(D)
ZN 9103(D)
Metal ion MG - Magnesium ion

LIGPLOT of interactions involving metal MG



List of

MG 9555(A)

also representing 3 other equivalent metals:
MG 9268(A)
MG 9437(A)
MG 9426(B)