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Hydrolase (phosphoric diester, RNA) PDB id
Protein chains
20 a.a.
104 a.a.

References listed in PDB file
Key reference
Title Preliminary refinement of protein coordinates in real space
Authors R.J.Fletterick, H.W.Wyckoff.
Ref. acta crystallogr.,sect.a, 1975, 31, 698.
Secondary reference #1
Authors F.M.Richards, H.W.Wyckoff.
Ref. ribonuclease-s,atlas of, 1973, 1, 1.
Secondary reference #2
Title Bovine pancreatic ribonuclease
Authors F.M.Richards, H.W.Wyckoff.
Ref. the enzymes,third edition, 1971, 4, 647.
Secondary reference #3
Title Protein structure, Ribonuclease-S and nucleotide interactions.
Authors F.M.Richards, H.W.Wyckoff, W.D.Carlson, N.M.Allewell, B.Lee, Y.Mitsui.
Ref. Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol, 1972, 36, 35-43.
PubMed id 4508150
Secondary reference #4
Title Crystallographic analysis of the interaction of cupric ion with ribonuclease s
Authors N.M.Allewell, H.W.Wyckoff.
Ref. j.biol.chem., 1971, 246, 4657.
Secondary reference #5
Title The three-Dimensional structure of ribonuclease-S, Interpretation of an electron density map at a nominal resolution of 2 angstroms
Authors H.W.Wyckoff, D.Tsernoglou, A.W.Hanson, J.R.Knox, B.Lee, F.M.Richards.
Ref. j.biol.chem., 1970, 245, 305.
Secondary reference #6
Title The structure of ribonuclease-S at 6 angstroms resolution
Authors H.W.Wyckoff, K.D.Hardman, N.M.Allewell, T.Inagami, D.Tsernoglou, L.N.Johnson, F.M.Richards.
Ref. j.biol.chem., 1967, 242, 3749.
Secondary reference #7
Author .
Ref. atlas of macromolecular ...
Secondary reference #8
Author .
Ref. atlas of protein sequence, 1972, 5, 130.
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