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Protein chains
124 a.a. *
102 a.a. *
58 a.a. *
Waters ×484
* Residue conservation analysis
PDB id:
Name: Transcription/DNA
Title: Pax5(1-149)+ets-1(331-440)+DNA
Structure: Pax5/ets binding site on the mb-1 promoter. Chain: c, g. Engineered: yes. Pax5/ets binding site on the mb-1 promoter. Chain: d, h. Engineered: yes. Paired box protein pax5. Chain: a, e, i. Fragment: paired domain.
Source: Synthetic: yes. Homo sapiens. Human. Organism_taxid: 9606. Gene: pax5. Expressed in: escherichia coli bl21(de3). Expression_system_taxid: 469008. Mus musculus. House mouse.
Biol. unit: Tetramer (from PQS)
2.25Å     R-factor:   0.227     R-free:   0.260
Authors: C.W.Garvie,J.Hagman,C.Wolberger
Key ref:
C.W.Garvie et al. (2001). Structural studies of Ets-1/Pax5 complex formation on DNA. Mol Cell, 8, 1267-1276. PubMed id: 11779502 DOI: 10.1016/S1097-2765(01)00410-5
18-Oct-01     Release date:   04-Jan-02    
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Protein chains
Pfam   ArchSchema ?
Q02548  (PAX5_HUMAN) -  Paired box protein Pax-5
391 a.a.
124 a.a.
Protein chains
Pfam   ArchSchema ?
P27577  (ETS1_MOUSE) -  Protein C-ets-1
440 a.a.
102 a.a.
Protein chain
Pfam   ArchSchema ?
Q02548  (PAX5_HUMAN) -  Paired box protein Pax-5
391 a.a.
58 a.a.
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 Gene Ontology (GO) functional annotation 
  GO annot!
  Biological process     regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent   1 term 
  Biochemical function     DNA binding     3 terms  


DOI no: 10.1016/S1097-2765(01)00410-5 Mol Cell 8:1267-1276 (2001)
PubMed id: 11779502  
Structural studies of Ets-1/Pax5 complex formation on DNA.
C.W.Garvie, J.Hagman, C.Wolberger.
Pax5 regulates the B cell-specific expression of the mb-1 gene together with members of the Ets family of transcriptional activators. The Ets proteins on their own bind poorly to the Pax5/Ets binding site, but can be recruited to the site by cooperative interactions with Pax5. The structure of the ETS domain of Ets-1 and the paired domain of Pax5 bound to DNA reveals the molecular details of the selective recruitment of different Ets proteins by Pax5. Comparison with structures of Ets-1 alone bound to both high- and low-affinity DNA sites reveals that Pax5 alters the Ets-1 contacts with DNA. The ability of one protein to alter the DNA sequence-specific contacts of another provides a general mechanism for combinatorial regulation of transcription.
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Figure 3.
Figure 3. Residues Involved in the Interface between Pax5 and Ets-1 and Comparison with the Related Residues from Other Ets Proteins(A) Interface between Pax5 and Ets-1. The residues involved in the interface are labeled with a color denoting whether they came from the ETS domain (purple) or paired domain (blue). Hydrogen bonds and van der Waals contacts are indicated with dashed yellow lines. The DNA contacts made by Tyr395 are not shown in this depiction.(B) Sequence alignment of the ETS domains of Ets-1, Fli-1, GABPα, Net-1, Elk-1 and SAP-1. The secondary structure elements and the residue numbers of the ETS domain of Ets-1 are indicated above the protein sequence. α helices are depicted by rectangles and β strands as arrows. ETS domain residues with the same sequence as Ets-1 are highlighted in yellow. The Ets-1 residues involved in the Pax5/Ets-1 interface are indicated above the protein sequence.
Figure 5.
Figure 5. Conformational Switch of Tyr395 Of Ets-1 Induced by the Presence of Pax5
  The above figures are reprinted by permission from Cell Press: Mol Cell (2001, 8, 1267-1276) copyright 2001.  

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