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Lyase(oxo-acid) PDB id
Protein chain
258 a.a.
Waters ×254

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Key reference
Title Enzyme-Substrate interactions. Structure of human carbonic anhydrase i complexed with bicarbonate.
Authors V.Kumar, K.K.Kannan.
Ref. J Mol Biol, 1994, 241, 226-232.
PubMed id 8057362
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The structure of HCAI-HCO3- complex has been refined with 10-1.6A X-ray diffraction data to an R-value of 17.7%. The structure reveals monodentate binding of the HCO3- anion at an apical tetrahedral position to the zinc ion. The binding mode and interactions of HCO3- in HCAI differ from that in HCAII. The activity linked H2O/OH- group in the free HCAI is replaced by the hydroxyl group of the bicarbonate anion. This result rules out the rearrangement of the bound HCO3- advocated earlier to explain the microscopic reversibility of the catalysed reaction. From the geometry of the H-bonds between Glu106-Thr199 pair and Glu117-His119 couple, the glutamic acids are expected to be ionized and accept H-bonds from their partners. The product-inhibiton by HCO3- anion is explained on the basis of proton localization on His119 in the Glu117-His119 couple. These results are consistent with the hypothesis that Glu117-His119 tunes the ionicity of the Zn2+ and the binding strength of HCO3- anion. A pi hydrogen bond is observed between a water and phenyl ring of the Tyr114 residue.
Secondary reference #1
Title Structure of human carbonic anhydrase i complexed with gold cyanide inhibitor: inhibition mechanism
Authors V.Kumar, K.K.Kannan.
Ref. acta crystallogr ,sect a, 1993, 49, 92.
Secondary reference #2
Title Human carbonic anhydrase i - Iodide complex: structure and inhibition mechanism
Authors V.Kumar, P.Satyamurthy, K.K.Kannan.
Ref. acta crystallogr ,sect a, 1987, 43, .
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