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Most DNA/RNA chains

Image   No. of chains   PDB
  36   3r1c   Crystal structure of gcggcggc duplex
  28   2zkr   Structure of a mammalian ribosomal 60s subunit within an 80s complex obtained by docking homology models of the RNA and proteins into an 8.7 a cryo-em map
  20   2wj8   Respiratory syncitial virus ribonucleoprotein
  16   1dj4 *   Parallel guanine tetraplex
  16   1unj   Crystal structure of a 7-aminoactinomycin d complex with non-complementary DNA
  16   244d   The high-resolution crystal structure of a parallel- stranded guanine tetraplex
  16   352d   The crystal structure of a parallel-stranded parallel- stranded guanine tetraplex at 0.95 angstrom resolution
  14   2aws   Protamine-DNA complex 2
  14   2qs6   Structure of a hoogsteen antiparallel duplex with extra- helical thymines
  12   1g3x   Intercalation of an 9acridine-peptide drug in a DNA dodecamer
  12   1h38   Structure of a t7 RNA polymerase elongation complex at 2.9a resolution
  12   1rzt   Crystal structure of DNA polymerase lambda complexed with a two nucleotide gap DNA molecule
  12   1s0v   Structural basis for substrate selection by t7 RNA polymerase
  12   1s47   Crystal structure analysis of the DNA quadruplex d(tggggt)s2
  12   1xsl   Crystal structure of human DNA polymerase lambda in complex with a one nucleotide DNA gap
  12   1zr4   Structure of a synaptic gamma-delta resolvase tetramer covalently linked to two cleaved dnas
  12   2gwe   Crystal structure of d(g4t4g4) with six quadruplexes in the asymmetric unit.
  12   2gws   Crystal structure of human DNA polymerase lambda with a g/g mismatch in the primer terminus
  12   2pis   Efforts toward expansion of the genetic alphabet: structure and replication of unnatural base pairs
  12   2qkk   Human rnase h catalytic domain mutant d210n in complex with 14-mer RNA/DNA hybrid

* Obsolete structures

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